Visit Vietnam. With a sunny and warm climate all year round, the weather has no big changes, so it is very convenient to visit tourism, you can travel to Ben Tre at any time of the year. In particular, the period from May; June and July is the most beautiful time of Ben Tre tourism. There are two major festivals in Ben Tre: Phu Le and Nghinh Ong in March and November of the lunar calendar. Ben Tre is located in the sub-tropical monsoon climate zone, high temperature, little variation in the year, the average annual temperature is from 26°C - 27°C. Ben Tre province is influenced by the northeast monsoon from December to April and the southwest monsoon from May to November. When you arrive in a other country, you are sure to learn the culture, language, cuisines … there. You will have to get acquainted with them for a certain time based on your trip. So when you come to Vietnam, what do you get use to? BOMK will help you discover.

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