Mekong Delta Weather. Western or Cuu Long water area has made Vietnam tourism an attractive destination, not only domestic tourists but also international tourists. If you want to watch the sunrise and whispering waves on a deserted island, if you like to look at smiles mixed with her salty sweat driving a floating market, if you love watching the buds Pink lotus buds between the immense lotus fields, come to the Western Tour every day. At that time, you will understand why BOTM calls this place a very ordinary land that is extremely magical. The climate here is always sunny and warm all year round. The weather is mild, so tourists can visit in any seasons. Four seasons of fruit trees year-round are very suitable for tourism and entertainment activities here. Despite this, many tourists choose to travel to Mekong Delta in the summer because at this time the fruits and flowers are the most fruitful season of the year. But it is also possible to travel in the spring or autumn, winter because the annual climate is also very beautiful.

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