Incense Making in Mekong. When traveling, visiting the Western region, besides sightseeing, cultural experience, learning about the traditional villages of the West will bring you many interesting things. If you plan to go to the West, join us in some craft villages in the West to get more useful information. Similarly, incense Making in Mekong. Which is in Mekong Delta, is one of the exciting activities for our special guest joins our Mekong tours. This is one of the typical spiritual cultures of the Vietnamese. Above all, in Buddhism, the incense is one of the most important things that local people bring to the pagoda. That is to say, in 5 things such as incenses, candles, flowers, fruits, tea, incense is the first stuff. Incense burns. Which is an important culture in the spiritual life and cultural vigor of Vietnamese people was maintained over many generations.

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