Vietnam Weather. Vietnam is often depicted as a place with steamy jungles and hot beaches, but country's climate is quite diverse, with freezing temperatures and even snow in its northern highlands. Vietnam has two distinct monsoon seasons. The southwest monsoon brings in wet and humid weather while the northeast monsoon delivers drizzly, colder temperatures to the north and dry weather to the south. Vietnam weather has a tropical monsoon climate. Especially, there are 4 major climatic regions. Includes: North, Central and South Central, South and East Sea climate.Due to its geographic location, the climate in Northern Vietnam devides into 4 distinct seasons. However, the climate here is not stable in time (at the beginning and end). There are not very high mountains in the shape of a fan. There are mountain ranges that concentrate and end in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, forming mountains that leading the northeast wind comes. (blowing in winter). The Eastern North Region directly affects by tropical storms and less affects by Lao winds.

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