Handbook of using Dak Lak plastic pallets at enterprise warehouses
Dak Lak plastic pallets are now widely used in the process of stacking, lifting and preserving goods at warehouses and supermarkets. But in order to properly use the function and load of plastic pallets to ensure long-term use of plastic pallets, as well as the price of new and old plastic pallets in Dak Lak, not all customers know specifically.
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Handbook of using plastic pallets, old plastic pallets in Dak Lak in 2023
When using old plastic pallets, it is necessary to use the correct functions, uses and loads of plastic pallets. Customers should note that they should not overload the pallet because it is easy to break, park ... not ensure the safety of the goods.
Plastic pallets should not be left near high temperatures. For example: direct flame, or products that give off heat because the plastic material of old Dak Lak plastic pallets can be affected by temperature.
Do not drop Dak Lak old plastic pallets directly from high altitudes to avoid damage to plastic pallets. Also, do not drop heavy objects directly onto the surface of the plastic pallet.
Select the type of plastic pallet, old Dak Lak plastic pallet suitable for the purpose of use and the volume of goods at the warehouse. Do not place heavy goods on weak and poor quality plastic pallets.
When using plastic pallets to store goods, it is necessary to choose the size of plastic pallets suitable for the size of goods to avoid the case of using large-sized pallets for small goods and vice versa. If so, it does not guarantee the safety of both goods and plastic pallets.
Forklift is a specialized product for lifting and moving plastic pallets, so when using a forklift, it is suitable for plastic pallet products.
Unit buying and selling old plastic pallets, new plastic pallets in Dak Lak in 2023
With the criterion of always putting the customer first, we always confidently commit to our customers our plastic pallet products in Dak Lak with the most competitive prices in the market today.
The old Dak Lak plastic pallet lines at Quynh Tram plastic pallet company are called old, but when you receive the goods you will have to almost rub them because of the newness of the old pallet. They are 85-100% new. Or there are import and export companies that have only been used once and then liquidated, the newness of the pallet is almost absolute.
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