Phim Tinh Cam , Co Trang, Hàn Quốc : "Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 2016" The 18th Episode Full High Quality Full HD Notes, Vietsub Online.
Phim Moonlight Drawn by Clouds The film tells the Hong Out On disguised herself as a man and advised the men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote to a client, she met Lee Yeong-future Hyomyeong Prince (Park Bo Gum). Red Out On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Lee Yeong is not aware that the Red Out On is a woman. Prince became interested in the Red Out In. His eunuch became aware of this and try to get the Red Out On to become one of them.
Phim Moonlight Drawn by Clouds 2016 , Park Bo Gum played Hyomyeong The Joseon-mail, and Kim Yoo-jung will transform into Hong Ra On, a woman disguised as a male child and a living guru of love for the guy left. Through writing a love letter sent to its customers, she met Lee Yeong - The Hyomyeong death. Hong Out On unknown person standing before him is The Prince, The Prince also did not realize this was a female child. The Prince felt increasingly becoming interested in Out On, the eunuchs are worried and want to change Out On becoming a eunuch like them.
With the emotional story full of sweet and romantic, beautiful images and fascinating is the compelling drama and appeal, many audience favorite and most watched TV station in 2016 of South Korea. Moonlight Drawn by Clouds Vietsub always promise to give you audience movie moments full of fun and engage right from the first moments of the new movie money was broadcast.
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