Film Romance, martial arts China : "The Three Heroes và Five Gallan Movies (2016)" full set 42 episodes high quality full hd , vietsub overs Online .
The Three Heroes và Five Gallan Movies story happened in Northern Song period, zhan lack heroic half, the quartet methods for, because for a long time resident of Jiangnan should be honored as the "South agreements". Later was the Emperor love to enjoy, do Ngu Tien Thi Ve style, was the title of "royal Overview".
Bach Ngoc Duong gas vogue young, high-intensity martial arts. After he learned the Emperor Nhan Tong Nam Association zhan original identity as "Ngu Overview", the heart does not serve, instant cast martial arts skill and intensity, the night broke into Kim Loan power, want to take the time intruders to laugh at zhan incapable of defending and protecting the safety of the emperor. No doubt the ambush was zhan, Bach Ngoc Duong hasty escape.
The Three Heroes và Five Gallan Vietsub Movies He returned to Fleet No island, in front of 4 you mean lowering prefects of zhan enforcement. Being at the fraternal gossip just when discussing women to play half Dinh Nguyet States. Hoa Dinh Nguyet continued theme, Bach Ngoc Duong satire rated not re zhan. Bach Ngoc Duong because he wanted to restore the nose, has sworn to defeat certain zhan ...
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