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Chinese Film Name: Legend of Chusen
Category: Martial arts movies, emotional, historical
Manufacturer: Yang Mi
Broadcast Online: Boxasin.com
Legend of Chusen Movies (Noble Aspirations 2016) As the boy Truong Thao skits came from the village temple, because god help Pho Tri Thien Yin increase of the disaster itself, but the whole village perished. Zhang Xiao Every orphan at Lam Kinh people you first enter Vu Thanh Van goal. Vu Lam Kinh style of Long Player by Commercial Tung's managing director, also assigned to the Dai Truong Truc skits style management by the Athletics Real Services. Elementary Qualities in blood Phệ European carriers is very large gas carriers of evil, night and day, tormented mind. At the top of the Great Truc, fun skits everyday cook, unbelievably back accidentally caught practicing blood Phệ spirit soul, she also secretly love lovely vivacious Nhi Dien Linh. 5 years later, the congress skits 7 billion martial tribes of Thanh Van keeper, Luc knew Snow fellow Tang period and a letter, heroic talents to oppress the people, on to the quarter-finals (quarter-strength).
the Legend of Chusen Vietsub Movies Then the Snow Elementary Qualities States down the mountain, met the Devil King Bich Dao cardboard, girls Primary Completion, ... Back Thanh Van subjects, subjects Attorney Huyen Dao Thanh Van suspected subjects doubt true identity of the skits. States because he wanted to protect snow skits, should help him absolve subjects Thanh Van left, Bich Dao well as Tru skits that first fight for ... 10 years later, Gypsy chaos, no longer an Account Qualities idyllic cottage inferiority, instead of vice cardboard cardboard Devils host Le Demon King, accidentally cold expression, extreme talent, named Gypsy Blood Prince, along Yew Kim Binh Nhi Dasher's Hop Festival Dasher sect and shattered Acute toxicity of Single Wall subjects profess religious identity tam Dasher Ma. From the first moment for lowering Tru, Bich Dao sunk in coma unconscious, Demon Le hug thing in mind is at Bich Dao province ...
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