Drama Movie , Historical , Melodrama , Korean : "The Flower in Prison 2016" full set 50 episodes high quality full hd , vietsub overs Online .
The Flower in Prison Engsub drama portrays the efforts of the protagonist, Ok-nyeo born in jail, who helped the people unjustly accused, using Waeji-bu, private litigation system in Joseon.
Korean psychological category upcoming broadcast. A girl was born in prison and her life has changed since then. Her life, she had assigned himself a task that would absolve the dungeon for people to do that she had to study and learn a lot about the law in the Joseon era. A girl with big heart and always knows how to improvise a flexible way whether her life would be like to be born in the dungeon, it signaled something coming.
The Movies The Flower in Prison Vietsub Online Jail Prison takes us in the Joseon era, Ok-Nyeo (Jin Se-Yun plays) was born in prison. Since she showed her baby was a girl intelligent, resourceful. Mature into young women, she helped the villagers in the fields of law, thanks to the use Waeji-bu. She is like a flower symbol morning, with the nickname "Flower blooming in Jail"
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