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Prince of Wolf Engsub During a vacation trip, Du Ze Ming went missing and was then raised up by a wolf king since young. Although he has left the human society for a long time, he did not forget his abilities as a human. He is smart, agile, and knows how to hunt. He met Tian Mi, a photographer, and saved her when she almost fell into a hole.
The Prince of Wolf Engsub 2016 can be seen as a variation of the film The Wolf Boy played by Song Joong Ki. Prince Wolf film revolves around the story of the boy Ze Du Ming, lost in the forest for a vacation with his family. He has saved a mother wolf hunters being shot, and from there he was King enlisted tribal wolf wolf. Although living in the wolf pack, learn to hunt and survive, but Ze Ming never forget the human instinct. In the movie Prince Wolf, character is a girl Mi Mi photography enthusiasts in Mount Wolf decided to take a more scenic. She accidentally crashed and was saved Ze Ming. The first time was in contact with a girl, fell in love with Mi Ze Ming Mi do not know at what moment. Then Ze Mi Mi Ming decided to follow the world of men and their story begins from there. How Zeming will have to live in the modern world?
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