Film Romance, Action, psychological China : "Hot Girl Engsub (2016)" full set 36 episodes high quality full hd , vietsub overs Online .
Hot Girl Engsub The film tells the story of Guan content Primary Enemy (Enemy Le Heat Three) - a beautiful girl on fire - random effects predestined to take a training course at a center bodyguard training bodyguard, along acquainted with the beautiful young girl talent.
Undergo arduous training, the girls were challenged not only the physical abilities, but also self-esteem and dignity. The group of 5 girls of Primary enemy in graduation exams met a task which must be one who sacrifices as a new submission by itself can accomplish.
Guan Xiao Di has voluntarily sacrificed to the group pass. The result when girls are crying because resilient sliding graduation coach laughed and new sacrifice themselves the most important challenges.
Results from the rebellious girl does not understand what has gradually grown, graduate training, started legend about ***y female bodyguards.
Hot Girl Engsub Movies is a story about a girl who wishes to become the female bodyguard is Guan Xiao Di, she came to her with the survey can become a professional bodyguard, during the final examinations, the 4 teammate finished her own also does not get good grades also what she sacrifices herself to help complete the other 4, but in the end she became a professional bodyguards because this work requires sacrifice birth itself to protect the employer and of the survey, she did very well.
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