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Working Mom Parenting Daddy Engsub This drama is a drama about working moms and babysitter daddies who cry and laugh because of their children. Kim Jae Min is a sweet husband who will do anything for his wife Lee Mi So . Mi So has a bright personality, but she learns that she is pregnant with their second child. Even with just one child, she has a hard time raising their child and working. Kim Jae Min decides to submit for a maternity leave at his work and begin to raise their child and do house chores.
The Working Mom Parenting Daddy Engsub Online In Korea, many married couples have dual incomes while raising kids. Affluent couples have the luxury of hiring nannies and pricey SAT consultants for their college-bound children while poor and lower middle class families with kids have to juggle childcare responsibilities while balancing work. In a society where young married couples are encouraged to have children without any provincial or government support for families with kids, working Korean couples are grappling with the issue of childcare. This TV series illustrates these issues and asks viewers what choice they would make for the sake of their children
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