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Strange Family Engsub is about two country girls with different dreams. There is a girl from the countryside, named Kang Dan Yi (Lee Shi Ah). She wants to support rural communities. And, there’s Kang Sam Wol (Gil Eun Hye) who is happy to leave her hometown and has a dream of becoming one like Cinderella. With two different dreams, they both move over to Seoul. How would their life change in the near future?
Movie Strange Family Engsub Online is about Dan-Yi (Lee Shi-A) loves her hometown farming village. She arrives in Seoul to distributed farm products from her village at a good price. To make this happen, Dan-Yi begins work as a merchandiser at home shopping company "Good Morning Home Shopping."
On the other hand, Dan-Yi's niece Sam-Wol (Gil Eun-Hye) does not care for her hometown farming village. She came to Seoul to achieve a better life. She works as a show host at the same company as Dan-Yi. She has to have whatever she wants.
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