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Love by Design Engsub was fired from his job for years despite its faithful service. Unable to find another job, she used her baby's face to her advantage when she finished lied about his age and taking a job as an entry-level 25-year-old rookie for a large clothing company. There, she met the company president, who may be caught in the web of lies she she. How long Shu Fen can keep up his ruse to try to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer of her?
The Love by Design Engsub Online attractive to many audience favorite Taiwanese TV 2016 [U]Love by Design Engsub 2016 [/ U] has the meaning when talking about what you would do if you were 34 years old and was fired from his company have worked closely for 14 years? Li Shufen was fired at this age though devoted wholeheartedly for the company. Unable to find another job, [I] love movies design industry in 2016 [/ I] had used his baby face, lying to me 25 years and became the first rookie to 1 fashion design company. Here she meets him pompous Dong growth, courtly can unmask her anytime. Shu section will hide and pursue his dream to set how long ago? "Love design" is the Taiwan version of the 2016 Korean film "Baby-Faced Beauty" was released in 2011.
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