Drama Movies, Action , Adventure , Suspense , Chinese : "The Mystic Nine Engsub 2016" Episode 48 Full HD The Full High Quality Online Notes.
The Mystic Nine Engsub A prequel to The Lost Tomb and follows the leaders of the nine grave-robbing families and their adventures to save the people of Changsha from a potential deadly threat.
The film is considered a prequel of grave signing Dao, Lao Cuu Mon 9 narrative story that at Changsha A mysterious train Khai Truong Son soldiers led to an ore mountain same identical question. In order to solve the puzzle on this mountain, Khai Truong Son with the help of the archaeologist Nhi Nguyet Hong (Zhang Yixing), in the process of looking for medication to help charity cards Red Crescent Second head of friendship deep Hau; Khai Truong Son also find love with Doan Tan Yue With the help of friends, Khai Truong Son mountain penetrate ore, discovered ancient tombs 1 court. Difficulties experienced countless craggy, known Japanese conspiracy to harm people Changsha, Khai Truong Son and friends to shoulder combat, prevent Japanese poisoned Tuong Giang, rescue countless people's lives . Battle protect Changsha, Khai Truong Son soldiers led fight to kill the enemy, dangerous times, Cuu Mon gathered, sworn to survival with Changsha, heady frontline, great enemy out.
With the spectacular martial arts, the action compelling. The The Mystic Nine Engsub 2016 always attract employees and attract viewers since the first episode.
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