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Heard it Through the Grapevine Engsub tells the story of the life of a woman from childhood was considered a genius, that man always moving forward and finding success. But after an incident happened, her life fell into crisis.
The Heard it Through the Grapevine Engsub Movies his is a black-comedy drama depicting a prestigious family whose lives are suddenly shaken because of a rumor about their teenage son impregnating his schoolmate. Choi Yun Hee (Yoo Ho Jung) and Han Jung Ho (Yoo Joon Sang) are a wealthy couple from a prestigious family. Their reputation suddenly turned upside down because of their son’s relationship with an ordinary girl. The girl, Seo Bom (Go Ah Sung), determined to endure the humiliation and isolation from the family for the sake of her child’s future while the son, Han In Sang (Lee Joon), struggles between his love for Seo Bom and his family’s high expectation.
Heard it Through the Grapevine Engsub Online revolves around the lives of people living in small elite has been surrounded and exposed to the same level. Including one woman, from birth was considered a genius, but then have trouble making life changes. Besides, the story of one family she suddenly turned upside down because his son fell in love with one girl who came to normal.
Things became worse day when the girl pregnant, because the future of the child so she is trying to endure the shame which this family guy brings. Does the love story of Cinderella and the prince will how in the world did the upstream.
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